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Project management

We oversee the construction of new buildings and the complete renovation and modernization of existing properties to a successful close in terms of time, cost and quality.

Residential Construction

This is our specialty. For more than a decade, we have been developing everything from single-family homes and apartment buildings to large-scale projects or residential complexes. Our focus is on modern architecture and new innovative technologies. From building materials to building technology, we are always investigating the trends and taking them into account for our projects.


For many clients, we oversee projects in the hotel industry from boarding houses to hotel buildings. The development of small living spaces in the form of micro-living or student dormitories is another one of our specialities.

Our job only ends when you are completely satisfied.

Do you have a vision for a property or development but lack the time, experience, or experts to bring it to life? We work with clients to realize their plans from straightforward single properties to large-scale and complex developments. Our specialists will assist you with project initiation and conception, assemble and organize the right team to construct and market your project to your exact specifications.

  • Budget control

    Our team of experienced project managers take responsibility for every stage of the construction with every possibility considered to complete on time, within budget and at the highest quality.

  • Quality Control

    Energy-efficient construction requires a great deal of know-how and poses specific challenges in terms of modern construction methods. It is important to always work with external experts such as energy auditors to successfully implement the appropriate quality and requirements in the building structure.

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  • Time Management

    Time is money. Which is why time management is the key to economic construction. Our construction managers determine the construction schedule and supervise the general contractors.

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  • Expert Opinion

    For modernization projects, a preliminary appraisal is key to create a cost planning. We work closely with our network of external appraisers and experts to make sure the property can be realized. The same happens with new constructions at completion. With a final appraisal, we want to make sure that no rework is necessary.

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We oversee the construction of new buildings and the complete renovation and modernization of existing properties to a successful close in terms of time, cost and quality.

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Suburban Central

The desire for central locations is growing. Our properties demonstrate that you can be in the middle of the action when living in suburban areas, with the most important facilities reachable by foot or bicycle in just a few minutes, such as shopping, doctors, schools, day-care centers and leisure facilities. A direct connection to the nearest cities ensures they can be reached in 30-60 minutes.

  • What is KfW?

    The Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) is one of the world's leading development banks that supports the energy-efficient construction of houses and offers various subsidy programs including energy efficient housing.

  • Do you buy land or uncompleted projects?

    We are looking to extend our portfolio and would be happy to make you an offer if the parameters are right.

  • Why are you active in Baden-Württemberg?

    Economic growth in the region has been increasing for 10 years, according to the Baden-Württemberg state statistical office. While the unemployment rate in Germany has been falling for years, nowhere in the entire country is it as low as in Baden-Württemberg. With an above-average GDP, the cities of Stuttgart (15th), Karlsruhe (31st) and Tübingen (34th) are in top positions in a Europe-wide comparison.

We Value...

  • Partnership

    True partnership ensures mutual satisfaction and helps get the most value for both parties. It’s about sharing values, creating values and preserving value. Real estate is our profession. We plan, build, broker, develop, buy and sell properties with the aim to create exclusive living spaces that are affordable without compromising on quality. Our service is value-driven and tailored to the exacting needs of our clients.

  • Energy Efficiency

    We bring a committed approach to sustainability, which touches every part of the development. Our focus is on environmentally friendly construction and resource-saving living, and look forward to sharing our experience, insights and broad industry know-how with you.

  • Location, Location, Location

    Many of our projects take place in the German state of Baden-Württemberg thanks to the economic benefits and opportunities. We would be happy to discuss the advantages of building there in more detail with you.

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